Building a RHCSA classroom server (part 2)

Click storage Live CD/DVD and lick the optical drive image and choose the same iso image you built the system with.

Press okay. I  needed to reboot to make the dvd visibl. Your mileage may vary.

Click back into the system and log in to system as student

I usually arrange the desktop at this time.

sudo to root







Note the DVD is visible

Back to our root session.

cd into the dvd


cd Packages (there are a lot)

mkdir -p /var/www/html/repo

This is preparation for a web/httpd based repository to service the environment



createrepo /var/www/html/repo

cd /etc/yum/repo.d


cp CentOS-Base.repo local.repo

mv C* /root/  #get them out of the picture they annoy me. They make yum act silly.


Enable local.repo as shown above.

Checking that the repo provides the minimum needs.

Install a httpd server

yum -y install httpd


Now install the IPA ldap server that will be needed for user integration questions.


Some time passes and the install completes.

Next: ipa-server-install

Answer the BIND question no <enter>



<enter an easy to remember password> Security is of little concern here.

Lets add a couple of users with the ipa user-add command.

Set the password with ipa passwd ldapuser1


Next get the firewall rules in place.


Fix the inbound firewall for the LDAP services.

We are going to install
Samba and NFS and make basic firewall rules for it because this kind of integration is reported to be on most RHCSA exams.

We will modify this section and set up back end configuration as needed as we run through questions.

Samba first:




Samba is taken care of

Check service status


Firewall commands

We install common NFS services.

check the firewall with nmap

yum -y install nmap

nmap localhost


This link may prove helpful in preparing the practice ipa-server for the exercise.