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Use TCP wrappers with care

Real life story.   DMZ based server dedicated to SFTP was configured with sshd rules in /etc/hosts.allow sshd : ALL@16.89.97.*:ALLOW sshd : ALL@14.251.*:ALLOW sshd : AAL@208.94.61.*:ALLOW Should have been: sshd : ALL@16.89.97.*:ALLOW sshd : ALL@14.251.*:ALLOW sshd : ALL@208.94.61.*:ALLOW That network was the firewall to the outside world. The end users were inconvenienced and the firewall […]

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Network Channel Bonding (teaming) RHEL 6.0

This procedure did not actually change very much from RHEL 5.0. Knowing the changes however are pretty critical to getting it right. Gone is the Administrator’s friend and potential cestpool, /etc/modpprobe.conf Its replaced by anything you want to load in /etc/modprobe.d Naming guidelines? Who needs them. Name the file anything you want. Procedure: Still pretty […]

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