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Maria-db(mysql) two node installation with galera data replication

This is the first step toward unsupported installation of the NDC, New Data Cloud. To get the commercial version with full support, click here. This document takes you through the installation and creation of a two node database installation. This install was done in google compute engine but with the right band width will work […]

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Centos Continuous Release with caution

Centos Continuous release is very easy to install. Download and install 1 rpm and you are all set. i386: ( sha256: 9fc78d2d79abeb1513f0851d075a2860f5039fc8db3fb0db4c660252fffda894 ) x86_64: ( sha256: bd55e1505caae2f78c306290d235b7f54833fcad5a9f1942b3cb54e28f7bfe73 ) But I urge caution. In my lab, I downloaded the 64 bit version and installed it. Then I ran the following command: yum -y update […]

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