Quick and dirty autofs script share

I run a large unix and linux server farm on the west coast. In the old days we had problems with scrip versions. The problem was we pushed scripts from a central server and inevitably due to network or space issues the updates did not happen reliably.

In 2012 we opened up our unix management server to NFS. We mounted /opt/scripts for scripts access and /var/rep to allow central report writing by scripts. Worked well, but some of the servers were in remote locations and stuff hung when network issues arose.

So we wanted to make the system on demand.

So we used autofs.

On the management server:

/sbin/service autofs stop

/sbin/service nfs stop

/sbin/service nfslock stop

cd /opt

mv scripts shared

cd /var

mv rep shared


/etc/auto.master configuration (comments snipped)

/- /etc/auto.direct

/etc/auto.direct configuration (comments snipped)

/opt/scripts -ro,soft,intr lxmanag01.mydomain.com:/opt/shared
/var/rep -rw,soft,intr lxmmang01.mydomain.com:/var/shared

/etc/exports configuration

/opt/shared *(ro,sync,no_root_squash)
/var/shared *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)

Start nfs,nfslock,autofs

Push auto.direct and auto.master to the entire environment and restart autofs.

Next we will see if it works with HP-UX (other website)

Even works on local scripts