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RHCSA exam taking techniques to assist in validation & debugging

If possible go graphical. This makes opening multiple terminal windows easier. But there are more than one interface available in non-graphical mode. ctrl-alt-1-9 or function keys will give you as many debugging interfaces as you need. What do you enter in your debugging interface/session? There are other logs that might be helpful but these did […]

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Mail stuck inbound ispconfig 3 galera cluster

Nail is stuck in the inbound que complaining about sql/mysql connect issues: Make sure hard coded passwords are the same in in /usr/local There are two config files with two password entries each they must be all the same. The password entries fo the mysql-*.cf files and there are a lt must be the […]

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Exam 2: Reality check RHCSA test question 1

No google, just documentation that can be found or installed on the system. I give myself extra time to document the process. If I cheat I don’t get credit for the answer: Question 1: Network the box: IP address= gateway= central server is on network @ Establish permanent network connectivity: sudo su – […]

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