We’re going to be studying together for the RHCSA

My current employer is under requirement that all on site system administrators  be Red Hat Certified.


That is actually the reason why I took the RHC in 2006. My employer the time NDS on Har Hoztvim Israel  wanted the people supporting customers to have certification. The test they chose was the RHCE.

As those of you that know me are aware I have a unique study style. I will be taking published Examination topics and solving the problems in helping with Numonics to help assist people better take the test and succeed.

There will be problems on each major section of the exam as defined by Red Hat.

I have built an IP tables based spam filter that processes logs and blocks known spam sites and port 25.  This firewall configuration has been obsolete by Red Hat. The first test and test studying will be to convert all these IP table based scripts and convert them to firewall-cmd.

All of this will be done in a way that protects the intellectual property of the new data cloud database project. It’s going to be fun.

Also note that this website has recently been converted to HTTPS encryption. It will also be used to demonstrate our skills social media into WordPress websites. The post and cadence is going to increase as a test grows near.